My fair lady

{ For A. Happy birthday, baby. Thank you for being who you are, for loving me, for walking together with me. I miss you. }

My fair lady of royal blue,

My fair lady of burnt sunrises and hue,

Let us dine together in the deafening chamber of our moving castle

Let me reach out and caress your left half-rib

With my numb fingers, with a single steady stroke

Borrowed from the wicked fairies which hide the devil’s laughter under their cloak.


My fair lady of sorrow and red angst,

My fair lady of unspoken words and eternal sunshines of regret,

Look at me, look through me until you forget the spinning of the clown’s head

Until you forget about the expected pat on the back of the moving dead.


My fair lady of light hope and wood,

My fair lady of droplets of doubt,

Answer me truthfully: why are you so afraid of the void?

You know, I can clearly see the frights on parade on your choroid.


My fair lady of unmoving love,

My fair lady of a 9-inch blue hole above the arch of your toe,

Let us dance the foolish dance of the giants,

Let us make love to each other under the shadows of the northern lights.


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